Saturday, June 27, 2009

You found the woman of your dreams, the perfect engagement ring and now all you need is the perfect proposal! There are many ideas for creating the proposal of a lifetime, you should consider one. Do not make the dreaded mistake many men have made in the past and not place any thought or creativity into your proposal. You want her to say "YES" well give her reason to, show her how much time and effort you have placed in asking this most important life changing question. Remember after the proposal comes a wedding and then a marriage all of which takes time, effort, creativity, and help....lots of it! This is where we come in.....(you knew there was a catch). If you have no idea where to start once you have the ring, then you definitely need our help, we will assist you in planning the "Perfect Proposal". If quite and private is what you seek, we can help....or if you are ready to shout your love and committment from the roof tops of New York, then let the shouting begin! We are Posh Style Proposals also known as Posh Style Events, we create memorable beautiful, fun and stylish events for all occasions, If you or someone you know is struggling to create the Perfect Proposal email or call us today!!!

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