Wednesday, July 15, 2009


As Event planners we are mentally equiped to handle just about anything. A great planner has a backup plan for her back up! However as wonderfully efficient as we are, there always comes along that special bride that pushes you to your limit, your capacity for change is vast, but when a change occurs that is minor in the view of the client but major in all other aspects of planning a smooth, effortless event, it can really TICK YOU OFF! So, this is for all those beautiful wonderful brides out there who only have a couple weeks before your BIG DAY, have given your final ok on all design, decor, florals, tastings, stationery and more. Everything is set!!!! All your vendors have their instructions and now it is time for the execution of this major event in your life and the lives of your family members, DO yourself and everyone involved in your wedding, LET THE PROS DO THEIR JOB!!!!!!! Trust that you have chosen the right people for to accomplish what you have put in place, Know that you have made GREAT decisions and stick with them. Do not stress yourself and others out by adding or deleting or changing the details of your wedding, although you may feel these are all small details, I promise you they have a ripple effect in the overall flow of your day that you would never expect!!!! If you feel you want to change something, go have the oil changed in your car, change a baby's diaper, go get change from the change machine, but whatever you do dont change any of your wedding plans!!!!!!

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