Friday, July 24, 2009

Un-Invited guests

Inviting guests to a wedding has tobe the most important and least discussed topic I have ever come across in all my years of an event planner. Bottom line is you are in control ofyour wedding! You are not obligated by no means to invite your 3rd grad best friend who still lives down the street from your parents and whom you have not had a relationship with (other than"hi' and "bye") since you left for college! You do not have to invite devery member of the church just because your father is the pastor, or you have been a member since birth. Inviting people to a wedding is a sensitive issue that can be handled very tactfully if thought out properly, and keep in mind there are other ways for extended friends and family to share in your happiness and celebrate with you. Let's start with who to invite, it goes without saying that you must invite immediate family (mom, dad, sis, bro, neice, nephew, grands and their respective eives/husbands) then you must allow your parents (whether they are paying for the wedding or not) at least 3 invitations for their close friends or whomever they want to share that day with as well, (it's the least you could do, they gave you life) . Now do you invite co-workers, I say "NO" you only have to invite co-workers if you are really good friends with them outside of work, and i mean really GOOD friends, they know your fiance and some family and you know their significant others....please do not invite the BOSS! you do not want your boss sitting among your family and friends discussing the time you called out sick, (and you really weren't) and calling you out in front of them to see if they are able to verify your story, and you most certainly do not want to witness your boss getting "tipsy" and doing the macarena with your uncle "BILL" or aunt "LINDA". Also among the non-invitees, you do not want to see anyone you have had prior carnal knowledge of at your wedding it does not matter how close you are now or how many years ago that was, or that your fiance says it's ok .....THEY ARE NOT WELCOME!!!!!
DO NOT ALLOW your bridesmaids, groomsmen or anyone else to take it upon themselves to go around blabbing around town that you are getting married and inviting people just because you may be having a buffet, this is not GOLDEN CORRAL people, get it together! I will blog part 2 of who to invite soon, my fingers are tired right now!


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