Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Marketing Trend

If you are not on Skype, you are missing an important method of getting your message out to your clients. Skype is a FREE video conferencing service that enables you to connect with people on a more intimate letter than just email. If you have potential clients that you want to have that oh so important meeting with, but your schedules are colliding, go Skype, log on, invite them in schedule the time and voila you are conducting a professional face-to-face meeting and you are able to conduct business as usual, if you need forms signed, face them to your contact and there you have it, an easy inexpensive way of faxing is efax. I have been efaxing for about 3-4 yrs now and I have saved a bundle of money. I hope these FREE marketing tips will serve you well. Get inventive and be sure to let me know the many ways you have used Skype, so I may pass it on !

It's August ladies get to work!!!!!

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  1. I love it..I am on skpe already and I also use efax..great ideas.

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